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A Story Terrace Alternative: An In-depth Comparison of No Story Lost and Story Terrace

A Story Terrace Alternative: An In-depth Comparison of No Story Lost and Story Terrace


As our population ages, there has been an increasing demand to capture and record life stories to pass along to future generations. Both No Story Lost and Story Terrace have emerged as growing leaders in this field, offering individuals the opportunity to record beautiful memoirs about their lives.

This article will look at the similarities and differences between each company. We both have a goal of preserving precious memories for our customers, but our approaches, price points, and final products are different. Which company you choose to share your legacy with will depend on your goals, budget, and personal preferences.

Key Features of No Story Lost

No Story Lost makes it easy for people to record their life stories. From the moment the customer visits our website, they are guided through the process, from start to finish. A comprehensive FAQ page, web chat, and the option to arrange a call with a team member before purchasing all provide the customer with confidence and peace of mind.

What sets No Story Lost apart is the simplicity and efficiency of our approach. Customers can move from 'hello' to hardcover, in as little as 12 weeks. This makes it a great option for people where time is of the essence, such as someone who has recently been diagnosed with dementia. A series of phone or video interviews can take place relatively quickly, according to the storyteller's schedule. Our interviewers and writers are flexible and able to accommodate different schedules and time zones.

In terms of the interview approach, questions are asked in a genuine and heartfelt manner. These questions delve into not only the triumphs and milestones but also gently go into the hardships and challenges that are a part of everyone's story.

No Story Lost's team of experienced interviewers brings out the emotions and feelings of the storyteller. The stories are written in the voice of the storyteller, ensuring that their loved ones can hear their voice as they're reading the memoir.

After the writers create the manuscript, the customer is able to provide edits, add pictures and descriptive elements, and any other feedback to ensure that the finished copy is exactly what they envisioned. No Story Lost has a Happy Tears Guarantee, where if you don't feel like you could cry happy tears while reading the book, we will work with you until you do or will refund your money.

The end result is a beautiful, custom coffee table book that is designed to preserve your cherished memories for future generations.

Stack of books

Key Features of Story Terrace

With a talented network of writers, Story Terrace has the ability to match customers with writers who can accurately, authentically, and engagingly communicate their stories.

An editor is assigned to each book, who will explain the process and outline the interviewing and writing schedule. They also review and polish the written draft to ensure it is meticulous and engaging. The process from start to finish usually takes around 7 months.

Photos are used to bring these memoirs to life. The storyteller provides photos for the book, based on the stories within. The Story Terrace team then creates distinctive layouts to include these pictures, creating a beautiful book that ties images to the words on the pages.

Story Terrace reviews are typically quite positive.

Editor working on a manuscript

Process and Workflow Comparison

No Story Lost offers a user-friendly web platform, where customers purchase a package and work with our project coordinator and writer to bring their memoir to life. Our writer conducts interviews to delve into the customer's life experiences, creating a captivating narrative in the storyteller's voice. Interviews typically are one hour in length, and range from between 2 and 6 interviews, depending on the book package selected. These are conducted via phone or video, in the comfort of the storyteller's home. Additional interviews are available for purchase. With the flexibility of our interviewers, these interviews can either be shortened or lengthened, depending on the storyteller's time and stamina. After the interviews are complete, our writer develops a manuscript for the storyteller to review and edit. The storyteller will provide their photos and can review the layout and design before the book goes to print. The entire process, from start to finish, usually takes between 2 and 3 months.

With Story Terrance, skilled writers conduct in-depth interviews to capture the essence of the individual's life. Once a package is purchased, an editor is assigned to guide you through the process. They will match the storyteller with a writer based on their goals, location, experiences, and vision. Interviews are then conducted either in person, by phone or video and are typically 2 hours in length. Packages with Story Terrace range from between 4 and 10 hours of interview time. Like No Story Lost, the customer will provide the photos that they wish to include in the book and Story Terrace will beautifully arrange these in the book. The editor will then work with the storyteller to review and edit the book before printing.

Both services ensure a seamless and caring experience, allowing customers to preserve their cherished memories in a way that suits their preferences and needs.

Lady working with elderly man on a laptop

Quality and Professionalism

No Story Lost and Story Terrace are both committed to creating well-written memoirs that families can cherish forever.

No Story Lost's team of writers conduct interviews and write their stories in a way that captures the storyteller's voice. As you read a No Story Lost book, you should be able to hear the storyteller's own voice in the pages.

Story Terrace uses ghostwriters to create professionally-written memoirs that are comparable to autobiographies that you would find in a bookstore.

Both companies emphasize collaboration between the storyteller and the writer to ensure the stories are told in a way that aligns with the customer's vision. The end result is a beautiful, high-quality coffee table book that families can cherish for generations.

Open No Story Lost book

Customization Options

No Story Lost works with the storyteller to make the experience as flexible as possible. Interviews are conducted either by phone or video call, and the storyteller is able to choose the length, frequency, and location of their interviews. Additional photos or interviews can be added after a package is purchased, allowing the customer control over their experience.

Story Terrace matches the writer with the storyteller, based on experiences and location. Like No Story Lost, the storyteller can choose the number of interviews and length of the final product. Additional interviews and photos are able to be purchased if the storyteller feels that this is necessary.

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Pricing Structure

This is one of the bigger differences between the two companies. Both offer a highly professional service and product, but the pricing is an important consideration when making your decision.

No Story Lost offers simple packages based on interview length and the number of pages and photos, making it more affordable for storytellers to choose what suits them best. The finished product is a well-crafted story, told in the voice of the storyteller.

Story Terrace's premium prices reflect their more professional storytelling approach, appealing to individuals seeking a more sophisticated memoir. The type of package selected will determine the calibre of writer that is assigned to your project. Junior Writers do not have as much professional experience, Senior Writers have published work and Critically Acclaimed Writers have extensive published materials. Their packages include a dedicated session with an editor to polish up the book into a professionally finished product. Because the price point of a Story Terrace book is much higher, they provide installment payment plans for their customers.

Success Stories and Testimonials

No Story Lost and Story Terrace have many heartwarming success stories and glowing reviews from clients who have experienced their life story capture and storytelling services. These touching anecdotes and examples demonstrate how these companies have skillfully preserved and immortalized personal histories all over the world. Thousands of people have trusted No Story Lost and Story Terrace to preserve their cherished memories, celebrate their achievements, and pass on their legacies.

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Customer Support and Communication

No Story Lost provides web chats and phone consultations prior to making a decision. Once a package has been purchased, a project coordinator is assigned to guide the storyteller and their family through the entire process. There is a high degree of collaboration between the project coordinator, storyteller, and writer, ensuring open communication.

Story Terrace provides a dedicated editor for each story. This person manages the entire process, ensuring communication between all parties. Client feedback is encouraged throughout all aspects of the project. Story Terrace offers a free consultation prior to purchase as well.

Both No Story Lost and Story Terrace keep clients informed throughout the process, resulting in a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Summary Comparison Between No Story Lost and Story Terrace


Both No Story Lost and Story Terrace offer services to fit different budgets and preferences. Customer preference and budget will ultimately play a factor in the decision of which company to work with. Whether it's a book written in the storyteller's own words, or a more polished, edited autobiography, the final product is a beautiful book filled with memories for their loved ones to cherish forever.



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