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Are You Living in a Lost Memory?

Are You Living in a Lost Memory?

Living in Lost Memories

This blew my mind a little bit.

Maybe it will blow yours.

I heard about a concept called ‘lost memories.’

We don’t remember everything.

What did you do on May 7th last year?

What about three Wednesdays ago?

Here’s the thing. We don’t remember every moment of our lives.

And we all have repetition in our lives. Moments that we repeat are ones we’re likely to forget. Doing chores. Our daily commute. Reading a random blog post.


So, if we don’t have discrete memories of certain moments… then…

Then it naturally follows that in many moments, we’re living in what we are sure will become a lost memory.

In fact, this probably happens all the time. Every single day.

It could be happening to you right now.

Is this a moment you’ll remember in 5 years?

I doubt my article is that good.

Once I saw this, I couldn’t unsee it. I keep finding myself doing mundane things, thinking “here I am, in another future lost memory.”


So what do we do about it?

  1. Accept it. There’s just no way every moment, or every day can be memorable. Enjoy and let it go.

  2. Use it. Know that while we might not remember this moment, the pixel that each moment contributes does add up to create the pictures that is our lives. Make it a good pixel.

  3. Fight it. On the other hand, you could fight back. Strive to make more new memories each day that won’t get lost. Do unique things. Be more present in moments. Take mental snapshots. Journal.


More on this

  1. I wrote more about this in my book - about how making new memories makes our lives feel longer.

  2. In complete contrast, some people can remember every moment of their lives. This is one of the most interesting youtube videos I’ve ever seen.

“Oh, I know exactly when that happened because it was August the 2nd of 1985, it was a Friday.”


I’d love to credit the person who came up with the “Lost Memories” idea. If you know who said it first, let me know.

In 5 years, will I remember writing this? 

Will you remember reading it?

Which memories from this day, week, or month will be memories that you'll talk about on your death bed someday?

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