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Storyworth vs No Story Lost - a Storyworth alternative?

A grandpa looking at his gift - a memory book of his memoirs

No Story Lost is a premium, full-service alternative to Storyworth.

We get a lot of people searching for products that aim to fulfill the same purpose as No Story Lost, including Storyworth.

Storyworth is a great product. In fact, we're customers! My Dad is currently doing his project and enjoying writing out questions.

In many ways, No Story Lost is similar to Storyworth. Both businesses help capture the life stories of their loved ones. At the end of the process, we also provide books like Storyworth. And with both businesses, we ask your parent really interesting questions!

Here are the differences between No Story Lost vs Storyworth:

 No Story Lost Storyworth
Content Gathering We interview your parent over the phone for one hour at a time. Sends a weekly email for your parent to email a response to.
Time to complete About three months About one year
Final Product

8*10" hardcover, full color premium quality book

Extra books available for purchase

6*9" book with black and white interior and color cover

Extra books available for purchase; color options available

Editing Full service editing, plus ability for family to edit content Family editing only; no editing provided

Free shipping to USA and Canada

Charge for international shipping

Free shipping to USA

Charge for international shipping and for Storyworth to go to Canada


Yes; full color

Yes, black and white

Color upgrade available


Starts at $1099 USD

Starts at $99 USD


No Story Lost books are professionally edited and laid out in beautiful full-color 8*10" books:

 Storyworth's default books are black-and-white, and the layout options are limited. Customers place their own photos:

As you can see, these are very different ways to solve the problem of capturing your parent's amazing stories. We suggest the Storyworth alternative if your family is very budget conscious, or if your parent is eager to do all the writing themselves and reflect over the year. No Story Lost is a more hands-on alternative to Storyworth, where we talk to the storyteller directly, do all the writing, and then provide a beautiful, customized coffee table book - but of course, this service costs a lot more to provide. 

There are lots of memoir companies out there that are No Story Lost and Storyworth competitors - but most of them cost $5000 - $10,000 or even more.

Note: "A Life Untold," "Remento," and "My Life in a Book" are other competitors that are very similar to Storyworth both in structure and in price. 

    Let us know if you have more questions on our contact page.

    Click here to learn more about No Story Lost.

     PS. We work with clients all over the world - so if you're looking for an alternative to storyworth in NZ, Australia, or the UK, we've got you!



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