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Gifting Free Memoir Books to Centenarians

Gifting Free Memoir Books to Centenarians

We’re Giving the Gift of Legacy

No Story Lost is launching a giveaway dedicated to an incredibly special group of people—our esteemed centenarians. If you or someone you know is 100 years old or older, we have something extraordinary lined up!

The Giveaway

We are thrilled to announce that No Story Lost is offering a free Chronicle book package to any Centenarian. The package, valued at $1,099 USD, includes approximately 12,000 words and 24 pictures.

Our writers will conduct a series of phone or video interviews with the Centenarians, amounting to a total of two hours. These interviews are then meticulously transcribed to capture every detail. Using these transcriptions, we craft a story that encapsulates the storyteller's unique voice and experiences. To enhance the narrative, we incorporate photos supplied by the Centenarian's family. Once completed, our Centenarians will each receive their own beautiful coffee table book, along with a digital copy to keep. Extra books can be ordered at an additional cost if desired.

There's no set limit on the number of books we're giving away; the limiting factor will only be our team's ability to handle the workload. Our Interviewer/Writers will each undertake one Centenarian project at a time.

How to Apply

Applying is simple! If you are a Centenarian or have a family member who is, click here to sign up for this incredible opportunity.

Why Centenarians?

Centenarians have a multitude of history, life lessons, and stories that are too invaluable to be forgotten. They are highly respected all over the world for their wisdom, resilience, and insight.

Did you know that there are around 13,000 Centenarians in Canada? They have the unique opportunity to receive a letter from the King when they reach this milestone. In the United States, the numbers are even more astounding, with roughly 100,000 Centenarians who can get a letter from the President to mark this special occasion. In Ireland, reaching 100 years is not just celebrated within the family but recognized with a “Centenarians' Bounty” of €2,540 (regardless of where they live now). If you live in Barbados, you could be included in a line of Centenarian Postage Stamps featuring those who have reached the precious age of 100!

We believe it's high time that these amazing individuals are celebrated by us, too!

From all of us at No Story Lost, thank you, Centenarians, for being a testament to the incredible journey of a life well lived.


The No Story Lost Team

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