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Shirley's Story

Shirley's Memoir Story Book

Some projects are harder than others. When Emily and Annie first came to No Story Lost to create a storybook based on their grandmother’s life, Shirley was doing well and was in good health. 

Circumstances changed towards the end of the interviews process, and our interviewer spoke with Shirley in her last days. 

The project changed into a biography, memoir and tribute to Shirley’s amazing life! Her children came together and spoke in a group interview to share their favourite memories of their mom, the lessons she taught them, and even all the ways she made them laugh. 

What started as a gift for their grandma turned into a keepsake book which will be a treasure for generations to come. 

As we spoke with Shirley in her final days, she shared amazing stories from her early years, her beautiful love story with her husband, her favourite family memories, her travels, and more. These interviews were recorded and the family now has these very special files. 

Shirley's family worked so hard on this project to ensure that it was perfect. There are incredible photos from throughout Shirley's life, even hand-written captions by Shirley herself, incredibly touching journal entries, and more. This is one of our most incredible books!!

Now Shirley's memories are safe and can be enjoyed by her family for generations to come. 

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Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

Shirley's Memoir Story Book

Shirley's Memoir Story Book

Shirley's Memoir Story Book

Shirley's Memoir Story Book

Shirley's Memoir Story Book


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