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The Chronicle
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The Odyssey
For the one who says a lot... in not so many words 🤫 Our most common project - for those with a lifetime of stories 🙌🏼 For the storyteller who can't stop talking 😅
2 one-hour-long
phone interviews
4 one-hour-long
phone interviews
6 one-hour-long
phone interviews
5,000+ words 8,000+ words 10,000+ words
24 photos included 48 photos included 72 photos included
$1,099 USD $1,649 USD $2,199 USD

The Legacy

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Reviews from Happy Clients

40 reviews
Stefanie Grieser
I wanted to get my dad’s stories written down so I could read them. So I could keep them forever. So I wouldn’t forget them. So I could share them with my future kids. When I read the first manuscript and the collection of his stories I cried happy tears.
Jennifer Mudawwar
I had a great time working with the No Story Lost team! They were so patient through our busy schedules, but took the time to work with us to make sure that the book we got on our dad was exactly how we wanted it. We are thrilled at the end product!
Katie Sanderson
This was the perfect option for my dad who is great at story telling, but hunt & pecks at the keyboard. It turned out beautifully and is a treasure for our entire family!
Colin Stewart
Possibly the best money I've ever spent. My mom spoke to her birth mother for the first time in 30 years because of these guys. My parents are getting old and it's nice to know that some of their stories will be saved for future generations.
Zed Dhalla
No Story Lost did an incredible job capturing my grandma's stories. As immigrants to Canada, they did a beautiful job tailoring questions and story prompts to capture my familys culture. Thank you for the timeless gift you have given my family, that will be passed through generations!!
Jessica S
We created a book for my mom's 60th birthday. We really enjoyed the process and love how the book turned out! Heather did a fantastic job interviewing my mom and guiding us through the entire process. The book is the perfect keepsake and will be cherished for years to come.
Christa Smullin
My experience with No Story Lost was wonderful from start to finish. Creating a book for/about my father was a lifelong wish but nothing I could have done on my own. Having a dedicated interviewer to record and organize the transcripts allowed for my dad's many stories to take shape into a fascinating, often funny, and very poignant narrative.
Susan Archibald
No Story Lost was a gift to me from my daughter. At first I wondered what on earth I would talk about, so I asked her to give me a few ideas. And then once the conversation started with the team at NSL the memories just started to pour out. It was fun reminiscing about so many adventures and family memories, many of which I’d kind of forgotten about. Working with the team at NSL helped make the process much easier than if I had ever tried to do this on my own. And the result is a beautiful keepsake book filled with a treasure trove of memories.
Jon Cartwright
Unbelievably positive experience with No Story Lost. Highly recommend this as a family or holiday gift. The team is so easy to work with, have the process dialed, and these are family heirlooms.
Jennifer McFadyen
I think this is the greatest gift of all....everyone has a story and everyone's journey is different...I can't imagine who will one day pickup my story and read it and feel the journey I experienced whilst on earth....I have done nothing special with my life but its about me/my thoughts...How wonderful for my descendants to know about me in my me shivers!

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