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Wedding Storybook

One of the best days of your life.

Why not capture every moment, smile, laugh, and memory?

You've got your photographer and videographer, but they can never capture it all - and not the way you saw it in your eyes!

We now offer Wedding Storybooks - which put your incredible (and expensive 😅) photos to great use. But this is much more than a photo book.

We'll capture your stories - from how you met, to your engagement, to planning - and of course, the big day in all its detail.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Remember the big day: Capture every stressful, fun, heartwarming detail of your amazing day
  • Extra content: Send us your menus, speeches, and vows, and we'll include everything in one place
  • Personal Touch: Each book is as unique as your love, with personalized stories and gorgeous photo layouts.
Our Wedding Storybook package includes:
  • 2 Hours of interviews with you & your spouse
  • Submit speeches, menus, vows and other elements from your wedding
  • Transcription, writing, and editing by our professionals
  • Design & layout of the book with 48 favorite photos
  • Written submissions of favorite memories from your wedding guests
  • A beautiful hardcover coffee table book. Free shipping in North America
  • Audio files from interviews and a PDF copy of your book
Questions? Book a free discovery call here to ask questions and learn more.

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