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Bob and Barb's Story

Bob and Barb looking at their No Story Lost gift book

Bob and Barb's family got together a few weekends ago for a special family event, and they all went through their No Story Lost life story book together! 

Bob and Barb are an amazing couple and we were so lucky to record their memories about their lives, adventures, and love. 

Their family found some very special photos to include and we think the resulting book is a beautiful testament to their love. 

We hope the family had so much fun going through this story book together. In the end, their book was a gift for the whole family — and even generations to come! 

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Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

Bob and Barb going through their book with their family standing behind themCover of Bob and Barb's bookCollage of pictures from Bob and Barb's bookPage from Bob and Barb's No Story Lost bookThe truth about why Bob and Barb got married - her hairQuote from Bob about selling a car to go on a date with BarbBob and Barb on their wedding dayQuote page about a bike, with an accompanying photo

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Quote page from Gonnie's story book talking about the magic of holding a baby.

Gonnie's Story

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Preserving Precious Memories: Documenting Your Loved One's Legacy


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