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Gonnie's Story

Quote page from Gonnie's story book talking about the magic of holding a baby.

Gonnie’s family came to us because they were looking for a gift for someone who has everything. They purchased a story book for Gonnie because she is an amazing storyteller and they wanted her to write her memoirs. 

It was so fun working with Gonnie to create a timeline of her life and record her memories. We learned that Gonnie has seen a lot in her life so far. She grew up in the Netherlands at the start of WWII and had to go to Belgium for safety. She eventually came to Canada, met her husband, started a family, and grew her career. 

We learned from her about tenacity, strength, having a zest for life, and so much more. 

She shared amazing stories and great advice. Combined with her beautiful photos, we just love the way her photo story book turned out! 

We hope that she and her family love her book and that it's a treasure for future generations! 

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Overhead shot of Gonnie's bookBaby photo of Gonnie in her story bookPages from Gonnie's story book showing her family historyQuote from Gonnie's story book talking about growing up during WWIIPhoto of a young Gonnie and her sister from her story bookSpreadpage sneak speak of Gonnie's story bookGonnie's quote about liking life in Belgium Chapter page called "Our Beautiful Farmhouse" from Gonnie's story bookPhoto of Gonnie's favourite placeFunny quote from Gonnie's book about having friends with cottages.Reflection question page from Gonnie's story bookEnding page from Gonnie's story book featuring quote reflecting on living a good life.

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