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Germana's Story

Inside image of Germana's story book

We'll never forget creating Germana’s memory book. She is an incredible woman who has gone through so much, yet she has so much love and a zest for life. 

She shared stories from her early years growing up in Italy, moving to Canada, and starting her family. We learned that her love story with Tony was one for the ages. And we wish we could try some of her mouth-watering cooking and baking. We'll definitely be trying some of the recipes shared in the book's appendix, but know it won't be the same. 

It was such an honour to record Germana's memories for her photo story book. 

We hope her family loves her memoirs, and that her book will be a gift to future generations! 

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Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

Cover of Germana's book Chapter 1 - The Early DaysPhoto of Germana's family working in the fields of ItalyQuote from Germana's memoir speaking about her husband TonyPhoto from Germana's story book of her dancing with her husbandAmazing quote from Germana's memoir bookPhoto of Germana with her family

Recipe of Pizzelle from Germana's photo story book

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