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David's Story

Cover of David's book "Magical Memories"

We loving creating story books for families because we get to meet so many incredible people. 

There is no one quite like David Cartwright. Originally from Chile, he moved to Vancouver in his early twenties, and then he built an incredible career and started his family. He travelled to China during a time when that was incredibly rare, saw the potential in Vancouver's housing market, and then retired to Galliano Island, where he makes incredible sculptures. 

We loved hearing stories from his childhood in Chile, his favourite memories from the Alder's resort, his best advice, hunting stories, his collections, and more. 

After interviewing David, and collecting his photos, we were able to put together a timeline of his life and create a book that records his memories and essentially captures his life in a book. 

We hope his family loves his book - especially going through it this weekend for Father’s Day. 

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Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

Chapter page "Growing Up in Chile" from David's No Story Lost bookDavid's family - thoughts and photos - from David's No Story Lost book"So that was my exchange: a rabbit for chocolate cake" - quote from David's No Story Lost bookPicture from David's days working in China and discovering teracotta soldiers - from David's No Story Lost bookPhotos of David's amazing sculptures - from David's No Story Lost bookFeatured quote about the most difficult thing David's ever had to do - from David's No Story Lost bookSneak peak into David's No Story Lost book

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