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Bruce's Story

A page with a quote from Bruce's memorial book

We just shipped off a very special book to New Zealand.

Bruce M. passed away many years ago and is remembered by all as an amazing father and friend. Kate, his daughter-in-law, came to us with the hope of creating a special birthday gift for her husband: a book full of memories and pictures of his beloved dad.

No Story Lost spoke to Bruce's friends and family to create a memory book as a surprise gift for his son. We were so honoured to have the opportunity to put the story book together. It is full of life stories, family memories, special pictures, his life timeline, and more.

We hope that it will be a treasure for Bruce's kids and grandkids and that it will help keep his memory alive.

Read the next project summary, about Fuad here.

Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

The cover of Bruce's memorial book from No Story LostShowing a page from our interview with Bruce's sister for his memorial bookPages from Bruce's book showing him travelingSpreadpage from Bruce's book with a quote remembering him as a great dadA photo of Bruce alongside a quote remembering Bruce as someone who lived a great life

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