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Fuad's Story

Fuad's Story

We learned so much about life, philosophy, and humanity from Dr. Fuad Mudawwar. It was an honour to be able to speak with him and hear all about his life. 

From his early years in Lebanon to his journey to the United States, his impressive medical career, and his work as a chaplain, Dr. Mudawwar has lived an incredible life.

His family came to No Story Lost to capture his memoir and we’ve created a special life story book that we hope will be a treasure to his family. 

It was such a privilege to record his memories in his life story book. 

With Father’s day 2023 coming soon, we think that a photo story book is the perfect gift! If you are interested in creating a book like Dr. Mudawwar’s, please contact us to get started. 

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Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

Fuad's No Story Lost book coverQuote page about being teenagers - Fuad's No Story Lost bookQuote page about Fuad's rewarding career in medicine and picture from medical school - Fuad's No Story Lost bookQuote page about learning from a chaplain - Fuad's No Story Lost book Photo of Fuad on a swing and a Q&A about his favorite place to travel - Fuad's No Story Lost book A short quote from Fuad about the meaning of life - Fuad's No Story Lost book

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