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Susan's Story

Susan's No Story Lost book - picture on top of climbing a mountain

We are so glad that Susan’s family bought her a NoStory Lost book so she could tell her life story. It was the best gift for someone who has everything because she has lived quite the life.

We were hanging on to her every word as she shared stories from her days as a whistler liftie, exploring Australia, climbing Kilimanjaro, trailblazing her way through Sports Administration, moving to Indonesia and helping with their first democratic election, working with the Vancouver Olympics committee, traveling around the world, and more.

Its made us want to explore the world so one day we can write a memoir just like hers.

We loved working on Susan’s project and hope that her family loves her story book!

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Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

 Susan's No Story Lost book - coverSusan's No Story Lost book - My first jobs cover pageSusan's No Story Lost book - quote about meeting her husband and picture in front of their first houseSusan's No Story Lost book - orange quote pageSusan's No Story Lost book - quote page about traveling AustraliaSusan's No Story Lost book - quote page about traveling in a van when she was youngerSusan's No Story Lost book - picture and quote about patting a rhinoSusan's No Story Lost book - page from a chapter about living in IndonesiaSusan's No Story Lost book - picture and quote about traveling around Canada's artic

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Eleanor's No Story Lost book - pink and purple cover

Eleanor's Story



Fuad's Story

Fuad's Story


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