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Eleanor's Story

Eleanor's No Story Lost book - pink and purple cover

Our interviewer/writer Heather got a special surprise when she learned that she would be working on a project with her best friend Laura! 

After hearing about No Story Lost from Heather, Laura thought getting a book for her grandma would be the perfect gift for someone who has everything. 

Eleanor was thrilled to record her memories for her family and loved the idea of creating a story book with a timeline of her life.  

This was a special project that captured three generations of life stories. Laura’s grandma Eleanor, the storyteller, has an amazing memory and we were to capture some of her stories of growing up during the Great Depression, the Polio epidemic, her family’s move from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay, going to Normal School, and so much more!  

Heather said it was amazing how she could hear how much love Eleanor had for her family coming through the phone—especially for her late husband Jack. We did our best to capture that love on the pages of this special book! 

We hope Laura and her family love this book!

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Learn more about No Story Lost on our homepage, here.

Eleanor's No Story Lost book - wedding picture

Eleanor's No Story Lost book - in the snowEleanor's No Story Lost book - church quote

Eleanor's No Story Lost book - photo of Maureen

Eleanor's No Story Lost book - Christmas stockings

Eleanor's No Story Lost book - the meaning of life

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